Escape Reality

The name is konrad, and i see myself as a vey simple person. I've gone though a lot, and I am trying to turn my life around and focus on my future. My friends and family are my greatest influence. I learn new things from them weekly. I would love to meet more of you down to earth people and get to know you. So if you want to, go right ahead and click that follow button and click the links to my other social networks and such below. good day. :)

The love of my life. She is my happiness and the girl that keeps me sane. I love this girl so much. She’s my passionate, breathetaking, gorgeous, beautiful girlfriend. I love you babe. <3

note to self

Well all i could say is that i have the most wonderful girl in the world. And i have came close to losing her completely so many times. But yet she still finds the way to hold on even when I have giving her the most hard times ever. I’ve been selfish throughout our whole relationship and she has the audacity to still stick by me. That’s why she is the most wonderful girl in the world. Chance after chance I’ve let them go, but, yet she stays. I honestly don’t deserve someone like her anymore but, it pains me to think that I can’t have her in my life, though shes still in it. It amazes me. But I owe everything to her. She deserves the world, she deserves the best.